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Small systemtray change

And now a new micro feature for KDE SC 4.5 :)

Since today you'll note that the expand button on the systemtray got rotated: weird isn't it?

closed 4.5 systray

That is because it doesn't expand anymore the systray to show hidden icons, instead when you click it, this is what happens:

opened 4.5 systray

There is a popup menu with all the hidden items in it, perfectly interagible and with a text label near to them: the rationale of this change is simple:

  • Hidden icons are rarely seen, it could be hard to recogniza them when you need one, so the label is very helpful
  • Often you expand the panel only to access a function of an hidden icon, then you don't need te expanded systray anymore
  • Expanding the systray the unhide button actually moves, so it's not immediate to close it again
  • When the systray is open, there is no way to distinguish icons that are norally visible and hidden

This has been done pretty early in the 4.5 cycle, so it's still open for change, feedback and the due bugfixes :)

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