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Misc plasmoids on n810

The KDE install in my n810 is still not fully functional, but at least i've checked the plasmoids i was more curious and that i think are more interesting on a device like that, so here it is a little pr0n gallery of random stuff plamoids and not:

KDE4 splash screen yeeah, this photo is horrendously blurred, btw looks really nice (and good that looks nice because you will see it for a loong time :P)


Browser applet, i like the idea that on devices like this the browser would be something like an applet

browser applet - browser applet -

Twitter applet, successfully retrieves and posts items, only two gliches: the proxywidget input bug i talked yesterday and seems to fetch only the user avatar, not the other ones


Weather applet: weell, not really much to see, aanyways works as expected, seems that is really too much for its font and the tabbar animation skips all the frames, the thing is way too slow :)


Dolphin: works well (note the toolbar at bottom that is the default of this device:), all file icons are like octet-stream, but that's right because i still not have updated shared-mime-info in the device :)


For now there is just kdebase, so there are not many apps to try, i also tried kwrite and that works too, keyboard input seems to randomly work and not working btw

Konqueror seems to hang at startup (waited 5 minutes maybe is not enough, eheh:) but deleting the khtml libs seems to successfully start and work as filemanager

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