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Wireless on Plasma Active MeeGo image

Since MeeGo uses Connman instead of Networkmanager to handle network connections, that means there is not (yet ;) an user interface to control in right from the KDE workspaces.

If you happen to have one of the Desktop summit Exopc with the Contour user interface that there has been installed on several devices, here are some easy steps to get the MeeGo tablet Connman ui installed and be able to connect to a wireless network.


  • A device running the Contour MeeGo ui
  • An USB keyboard
  • Either an USB ethernet adaptor (preferred) or a thumbdrive


After having installed everything on the device, start the settings application with meego-qml-launcher --app meego-ux-settings. After it connects to your access point, it will automatically reconnect on next startup, so no need to launch the settings app again until you want to change access point.

Don't forget the two getting started IRC session that will be held this week, where we can help on this and other issues

A plasmoid that can manage connections using Connman is planned shortly ;)

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