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Systray finally in action

As Aaron noted, the client library for the new system tray specification has finally landed in kdelibs, as "experimental" (i.e. it will probably still see some refactoring for 4.4, assuring is as good as possible)

And is important also from the user perspective because another cool thing happened: some applications that will be shipped alongside KDE 4.3 have already been ported to the new protocol (thanks to Davide and Aaron for that :). They are: Kmix, Krandrtray (quick screen resolution changer),Kwallet (save the passwords) and korgac (appointments reminder for Korganizer)

Of course the quickest way to show what is the difference between the old and the new is with a quick video:

Ogg version

It shows the main charateristics: the pretty plasma tooltips and mouseover effects (you would get and those things even with say a gtk app that is using this protocol). Also the ability to show an icon in more than one system tray (think about multiple monitors) or having multiple system trays that shows different categories (or to hide some of them if you don't care about them)

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