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Plasmanetbook breaths

With the usual disclaimer that is a very early barely working prototype that will be probably massively different from anything final, it's nice to show the screenshot of the other day in action.

So now I did some arrangements in the playground netbook stuff to give a thing that mostly works without too much hassle in the initial configuration and that it's kinda possible to use it as the main shell instead of the desktop.

Ogg version.

Here is possible to see the newspaper activity used for weather and to read feeds (will be able to scroll its contents in the future) and the one used to launch applications, in this video that is nothing else than a folderview, but the final launcher interface will be more like a crossover between a menu and something like krunner

In this video is also possible to see some things that strongly suggest the departure from the "desktop" concept, because when those kinds of devices are treated just like small notebooks they are just not up to the job, since te way desktop guis are designed simply don't work at those screen resolutions (and inches of screen). Of course we can't rewrite all of KDE applications (neither would be so smart to do so), but i'm pretty confident that KDE and Qt apps in genereal are quite easy to adapt to smaller screens :)

Anyways back on track, here can be seen that the thing usually called desktop is not a desktop for two reasons: we don't have that free layout for icons and widgets that we're accustomed to see, and it's not something to be seen as a background: is a window like the others (that by the are always maximized and borderless) that can be chosen and switchd to, so available in the "taskbar" (that here is the kwin present-windows effect, since netbooks harware appears to be a bit more standardized than regular systems, we can more realistically relay on desktop effects being on)

Also clicking anywhere in the panel brings the main plasma interface to front, since is the main interface between the user and the system and it's here where the user starts the apps, switches between apps and sees the quick updates of the favourite internet places, via the newspaper activity.

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