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Plasma Active Two

Today, Plasma Active Two has been released. It has been a pretty hectic 3 months, a very short period that produced anyways a couple of significant architectural enhancements. Plasma Active Two

Enhancements that are for both users, that will find more nice features and developers, that will find more nice tools for writing new applications and plugins. A way more complete feature tour can be found here. Here are just a couple of things that are quite importnant to me.

  • Recommendations: organizing items in activities is even easier: you worked for a while on a file or on a website? a simple button to add it to the activity will be present in the left side panel.
  • New Nepomuk QML bindings: write an application that does complex queries in the semantic database in jjust few lines of QML and JavaScript.
  • QtComponents: a new widget set to be used in QML applications, that makes very easy porting an application from Harmattan or Symbian.
  • Bugfixes: we want to make the user experience as smooth as possible ;)

Big props and thanks to everyone that helped out with this release, a group that is growing more and more, from individuals to companies.

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