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Developments on Plasma Mobile

Sometimes we have to clone ourselves 5 or 6 times to manage to do everything. It's a kind of magic we rarely succeed, but sometimes we do :)

Between Akademy and bugfixes for the SC 4.5 release, I managed to get some work done on the Plasma Mobile front, and a quick video of it can be seen there:

OGG version

Now there is a new kind of activity for managing widgets there, a new addition to the Desktop (that you normally use on normal computers) and the newspaper (designed for netbooks and big tablets)

This one, that is called mobile desktop, is explicitly tought for very small screens (in phisical size, pixel resolution has nothing to do with size!). It's based on a big flicking scroll widget, just as the newspaper, because the main method of interaction if a touchscreen, but shows only 2 widgets per screen, (at their minimal size to still make sense)

If you scroll everything around no interaction with the widgets will happen, but if you tap one, it will get maximized, getting a size big enough to be really interacted.

The behaviour of the shell changed a bit as well, since it was quite difficult to hit empty areas to make the whole thing flip, now dragging the panel of the activities, pulls the whole screen, making everything rotate in a 3d way (it has also considerably been optimized for speed)

In the video you can also see the progress of the mobile status indicator summer of code, by Yuen.

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