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Contouring resources

Unfortunately I haven't blogged since a llloong time, my fault ;)

But this doesn't mean the things in Plasma land aren't moving, au contraire! Last months I have been busy as hell with the Contour project, and the results are starting to became evident.

A quite big amount of progress has been made on several fronts: the user interface, the infrastructure of the Plasma mobile shell and what is even down in the stack from it, like Nepomuk and the KDE mobile profile

Also on the system integration front things have changed a lot. Admittedly trying out the KDE mobile software on an actual device has always been a bit of a voodoo operation, but now there are two ready to go booting pendrive images, for MeeGo and OpenSuse, together of course always updated package repositories (further information on the Plasma Active wiki).

I now want to show, as often as possible short videos of the User Interface of Contour, a little teaser for each notable feature.

OGG version.

First thing first, the screen the user sees when the tablet is turned on: an usual workspace with a wallpaper... it has icons.. (and eventually widgets)

but, interaction-wide you see that has some improvements for small/medium touch screens: icons are not individual, but categorized in boxes (documents, music, contacts...).

Second, everything is always aligned to a grid, making the composition always "look good" and impossible for those boxes to overlap, but still possible to drag them around to give a personal organization that helps your spatial memory.

And the last important characteristic is behind the scenes: that's not a view on some folder as the desktops used to be: but it's all data coming from Nepomuk, meaning that can be any type of what in Nepomuk is a "Resource", so not only a file but also more abstract data like a contact, an email or a geographical location.

Everything that you see there are resources that have been connected to the activity, so each one will show a different list of resources (this could also make possible in the future for instance to show those activity resources as default in a file open dialog for instance)

How those resources can be connected to activities.. material for the next video ;)

If you are interested to have a more in depth look at the Contour UX and you will be at the Desktop summit in Berlin, you can stop by at this talk :p

Desktop summit

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