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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the brand new shiny Plasma theme that will be used for KDE 4.1:

Plasma theme for KDE 4.1

Here you can see the new applet and krunner backgrounds, the new panel, our brand-new carbon fiber clock and some items that once upon a time weren't themed at all, like the pager and the taskbar.

This is the wonderful work of Nuno, i did some work in the code in the last month to make the theme support even more extensive, to have all your nice plasma widgets with more SVG prettiness, so let's start thing by thing :)

  • The pager: the mini-desktops now have 3 different backgrounds, and when the mouse goes over the widget the mini desktops fades in and out with a neat animation

  • The panel: when composite is disabled his borders must be nice even if we don't have antialiasing and when its width is the 100% of the screen it's really a different beast, so a different svg it's used, one different for each edge of the screen the panel can be

  • Dialogs and krunner: they have the same styleas the applets, but when composite is disabled we don't have antialiasing for border, so it's drawn in a nice retro-style

  • Taskbar: it now supports SVG backgrounds for several task states, there was some performance issues but we hope we will be able to enable the neat animations on mouse over also here :)

  • System tray: yeah even that now has a SVG background to make it look coherent with the other panel plasmoids like the taskbar (and the pager, if the size is enough)

  • The analog clock: KDE4 is all about analog clocks, right? :P so how could we neglect it? Absolutely not, so it now has cool drop shadows under each hand, that are always projected in the right position when the hands rotate

  • The folder view: due to its very nature it must have a more translucent background, to be easier on the eyes. Do you want to use that background on your applet? just call setBackgroundHints(TranslucentBackground) et voilą :)

This is not an exaustive list of the new goodies in the Plasma theme support, you can read them more in dept on techbase, that should give you everything you need to create a new theme.

Update: updated with a screenshot with a more meaningful taskbar and if you want to see it in action among other KDE4.1 goodness there is a really pretty and gigantic screencast by ereselibre :)

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