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After seeing total coolness like this and this, i of course decided that Plasma couldn't lag behind that total ratio of awesomeness.

This is an idea from right the begin of Plasma (we always had the MediaCenter formfactor impatiently waiting to be actually used after all:)

At the begin a thing like what I did today was not possible for two reasons: throwing qwidgets on canvas is possible only from Qt 4.4 and before Phonon was not able to render over widgets. In fact the first version of the Amarok video applet had to embed a window in the applet with the video in, so no correct z ordering, no transforms etc.. but now the good plan come together and is possible to render video even on the walls of a wolfenstein 3d maze (hats off to Matthias Kretz) :D

The cutie in this video is a plasma applet that embeds a video, it uses the X-Plasma-DropMimeTypes directive in its desktop file, so it's sufficient to drop a video file on the desktop and the applet is automagically created.

OGG version

This applet that lives in playground is highly experimental: no config options, no audio, no seeking, just bare working. But it's just the beginning, for 4.3 there will be a generic widget usable with few lines of code (even scripted of course) and a basic applet. Yeah i know, 4.2 is still far and the 4.3 teasing is started already, we are soo evil :p

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