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Reminder on the wallpaper contest

Just a little reminder: since the release of the next version of KDE Plasma Workspace draws near, as usual, if you are a good photographer, you have the opportunity to get one of your photos in the default set of wallpapers of the upcoming release.

If you want to participate, those are the rules:

  • you must be the author of the photograph, you must provide your full name and you have to state the license (lgpl v3 is better).
  • entries must be at least 1920×1200 resolution and a copy of the photo in RAW format (if available) is apprecitated.
  • you must send your photographs to before the 13th of june with the word “WALLPAPER” in the subject

Your wallpapers will be evaluted by some of the KDE artists and the best wallpapers will be released as part of KDE Plasma Workspace 4.7.


For many european countries the (L)GPL v3 license does not protect the images at all and as FSF suggest as well, there are other suitable free licenses for artwork what are only in binary format.
If the wallpaper is SVG format, then it can be licensed as (L)GPL v3.

Otherwise Creative Commons 2.0 BY-SA and FSF's own license for artwork (not (L)GPL)

Image reuser could always try to debate in court about image and (L)GPL license but in many countries the ruling is very simple, there is no source code anykind what license could protect and so on the edited and redistributed version violates the copyright. (very difficult to explain but...)

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