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Meego summit and Mobile sprint

It's always hard to get a real firm impression on something at the first shot of an unfamiliar new thing, but i can say that it has been a really good conference, at least the impression was of a warm and friendly community even if the organization was on an huge scale (having a *stadium* all for us was kinda a weird feeling, as the meego commercials at the sides of the playing field during the football game, geekiness in the most ungeek place :p) and the netbooks/tablets are quite sweet too :)

As the KDE side, I am seeing quite a lot possibilities of collaboration. So far most of the problems seems to revolve around one thing. Awareness. I've seen many times real interest after a quick chat explaining what KDE actually is. Unfortunately KDE is seen as that big monolithic project completely desktop specific...

As soon we started to talk about the kde-mobile modularization effort of kdelibs, the multiple shells of Plasma (Plasma as a building block set to make greatly customized workspaces for any kind of device and/or simple fullscreen applications that can dynamically load a different ui for each profile)

So, in the end was quite educational for everybody. It did let us discover more about what MeeGo, how it works, and what their parts are, and many of the MeeGo community find out about what KDE is. Two communitites encountering without colliding. Great!

Today I'm in Berlin at the KDAB office. They were so kind to host an happy bunch of KDE people to discuss and develop with a mobile target in mind.

Given that almost everybody here has that tablet, expect nice demos and videos of some surprising use of that tablet later this week, alongside (finally!) real packages to make easy for everyone to try KDE on MeeGo.

Wanna some teasing?

Plasma tablet UI prototype:

OGG version

KDE games: Palapeli

OGG version

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