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Canoeing, underpants and KDE on MeeGo

Back from 3 days in Ardèche (no, not my photos, just the first ones I googled :p) beautiful place in the south of France, with 2 days of canoeing down the river (with the same name), really tiring for the poor geek muscles, but really fun :). It's really nice to see how many beautiful places still remain in Europe despite its levels of urbanization.

Anyways, those low tech trips definitely help in thinking about life, universe and everything.

I thought about quite a bit on a certain thing, and i was quite surprised to actually see a really similar thinking on Planet KDE: if there is something I'm not really satisfied about Akademy is something about myself: I didn't really managed to do that cat-herding, "keep the ball rolling", or how you want to call, this important act of keeping the community together. This i think is something that applies to really many of us in the KDE community, how indeed uncomfortable is to exit from our comfort zone.

We are blessed to have people like Aaron, that are very good doing that (but don't think it's actually easy for them, it's not for anybody). But to be a really sane community (and to counter the chronic lack of exposure of the cool things we do to the outside world), we shouldn't rely on them too much, so don't wait for other people to take decisions, initiative (doing uncomfortable things in the end). It is not easy, but let's build those +20 charisma underpants. If at the beginning will just be a +5 will be a success already.

Jumping on a completely different and more techie topic, last week before leaving i did put together a little guide that will make way easier for people to build, develop and test KDE stuff on MeeGo: it's now published on Techbase.

This is still very rough, for instance it still ignores the "build profiles" concept, in the future it will have to be really easy build kdelibs and the KDE apps with all the levels of "strip down" for the proper mobile use case. Also I think it will be quite easy to automate many of the steps described in the tutorial with some scripts.

But anyways is the first step to not have anymore any excuse to not jump in the mobile development, a world I find more and more exciting.

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